• Bringing You The Holographic Foil

    Update: 23 09 22

    Bringing You The Holographic Foil

      Today, we want to take you on an inspiring journey into the future of packaging decoration. This original and captivating "rainbow" printing technique creates a futuristic effect that represents an opportunity to capture the zeitgeist and keep up with the times.   In the field of printing, holographic printing is performed thermally and obtained with special foils. In fact, holographic paper is in all respects a fo...

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  • Printing method of Foil for Textile

    Update: 16 09 22

    Printing method of Foil for Textile

      Hot stamping printing is to use of hot stamping to print some patterns on the fabric to achieve a shiny effect. There are two foil printing methods. In the first method, the pattern is printed on the fabric with foil/transfer adhesive and then pressed to the foil by hot steel rolls. The pressure on the printing section is typically 5-6 bar and the pressure on the fuser is 190 degrees Celsius for 8-12 seconds.   In ...

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  • What is hot stamped leather

    Update: 09 09 22

    What is hot stamped leather

      Recently we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of hot stamping leather materials, you can hot stamp the leather with metallic or colored foils, or use a stamp to stamp (push in) the material to just create indents for the design, e.g. Company logo. To start the process, you will first need a machine capable of punching leather, and if you want to add foil to it, you will need a machine with a heating plate...

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  • What is Heat Transfer Foil

    Update: 02 09 22

    What is Heat Transfer Foil

      Heat Transfer Foil creates a stylish metallic finish on any garment or promotional item that is pre-printed with heat transfer adhesive for small batches, or heat transfer or silk for larger batches Screen printed designs and available in many different finishes.   After printing the intended design using thermal transfer adhesives (for small batches) or plastisol thermal transfer or screen printing designs (for la...

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  • What is Tipping Foil

    Update: 26 08 22

    What is Tipping Foil

            Tipping Foil refers to a thin glass film product on the surface of automobile glass or architectural glass; mobile phone screen protection film also belongs to Tipping Foil; in the textile industry, the pattern, The process of transferring colors, etc. to the cloth, also called Tipping Foil.   Tipping Foil", also known as self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive labels, sticky notes, pressure-sensitive paper, etc....

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  • Difference between hot foil and cold foil

    Update: 19 08 22

    Difference between hot foil and cold foil

      Hot foils are opaque sheets that can be printed on paper in any shape or text you indicate in your design. Hot foil is better for text or shapes and minimal designs. This technique is the first choice for many looking for a clean, professional finish. Hot foil can be used in combination with embossing to create a tactile effect that cold foil cannot.   Cold perm is an increasingly popular technique. The technique u...

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