Bringing You The Holographic Foil

Author:admin   Date:2022-09-23

  Today, we want to take you on an inspiring journey into the future of packaging decoration. This original and captivating "rainbow" printing technique creates a futuristic effect that represents an opportunity to capture the zeitgeist and keep up with the times.

  In the field of printing, holographic printing is performed thermally and obtained with special foils. In fact, holographic paper is in all respects a foil that is heat applied to the relevant material, which can be paper or cardboard, not plastic.

  Holographic foil printing is a two-dimensional representation that produces a three-dimensional effect when illuminated by light. Creative solutions are driving designers to explore new ways of packaging decoration to give their products a unique look.

  Holographic foil printing is a special finish used for various purposes, which offers endless decorative possibilities, as it represents a new and original effect capable of attracting attention. Such as highlighting and valuing certain elements of design, including anti-counterfeiting, as it can produce unique content. Think credit cards or passports, for example, which often have small holographic prints, and they are proven effective in these applications because they cannot be copied or imitated, or at least not easily copied.

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