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Pigment foil: 1)7010

110˚С ~150˚С

1)7010 is for hard plastic,wooden pencils

Pigment foil: 2)7020

110˚С ~150˚С

2)7020 is for cables,artificial leather,PVC etc.

Pigment foil: 3)7030

110˚С ~150˚С

3)7030 is for paper and lamination film

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Zhejiang (Shanghai) Tianmei Printing Material Co., Ltd. is Pigment Foil Manufacturers and OEM Pigment Foil Factory, We specializing in the production of anodized aluminum hot stamping foil and laser aluminized film. Our company's products are widely used in hot stamping of various materials and have good gloss and adhesion. The company will establish, implement and continue to implement a management system in strict accordance with the ISO9000 international standards to make the company's product quality better, so as to be invincible in the market competition.

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Production advantage

The company has introduced more than a dozen coating production lines imported from Germany and three imported vacuum coating equipment. The company has rich experience in modern production and management, and has a group of high-quality technical personnel and management personnel.

Company advantage

Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the principle of "people-oriented, quality first, excellence, and sincere cooperation". In order to provide customers with products and quality services that meet the requirements.

Product advantages

The company will establish, implement and continue to implement a management system in strict accordance with the ISO9000 international standards to make the company's product quality better, so as to be invincible in the market competition.

Guaranteed quality

The company honors contracts and keeps promises and has advanced technology. The product has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, reliable performance and long use time. Ensure to meet the needs of customers.

Market positioning

We focus on developing high-quality products for the high-end market. Our products meet international standards and are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and other parts of the world.

Professional communication

For any products, we will communicate with customers professionally, listen to their opinions and offer useful suggestions to ensure that excellent quality products are made.

We have our own production workshops and warehouses,
equipped with complete production and quality inspection equipment.

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Industry knowledge

What Substrates Can Pigment Foil be Applied To?

Pigment foil, also known as hot stamping foil or simply foil, is a decorative material that is often used to enhance the appearance of various surfaces through a stamping or heat transfer process. While the specific compatibility may vary between different types of pigment foils, they are generally designed to adhere to a variety of substrates. Some common substrates suitable for pigment foil application include:
Paper: Pigment foils are frequently used on paper surfaces, making them popular for printing applications such as book covers, packaging, greeting cards, and promotional materials.
Cardboard and Cardstock: Foils can be applied to thicker paper-based materials like cardboard and cardstock, adding a shiny or decorative element.
Plastic: Some foils are formulated to adhere to plastic surfaces, allowing for decorative enhancements on items like plastic packaging, cards, and other plastic materials.
Textiles: Certain types of foil can be used on fabrics and textiles, offering a way to create unique designs on clothing, accessories, and other textile-based products.
Leather: Foils can be applied to leather surfaces for decorative purposes, commonly used in the production of luxury goods like handbags, wallets, and footwear.
Wood: Wood surfaces, particularly those that are smooth and coated, can be adorned with pigment foils. This is often seen in the production of high-end furniture and wooden crafts.
Coated Papers: Foils can adhere well to papers with coatings, such as those used in premium magazines, brochures, or packaging with coated finishes.
Glass: Some specialized foils are designed for use on glass surfaces, providing a way to create decorative patterns or labels on glass items.
Metal: Certain foils are formulated for application on metal surfaces, offering a decorative option for metal products and packaging.

What Printing Techniques Work Well with Pigment Foil?

Hot Foil Stamping:
Process: In hot foil stamping, a metal die is heated, and pressure is applied to transfer the foil onto the substrate. This is a popular method for adding metallic or colored foils to paper, cardboard, and other materials.
Compatibility: Hot foil stamping is often used with pigment foils as well as metallic foils to achieve a variety of effects.
Cold Foil Printing:
Process: Cold foil printing is a process where a UV-curable adhesive is applied to the substrate, and the foil is pressed onto it. The adhesive is then cured with UV light.
Compatibility: Cold foil printing is suitable for a range of foils, including pigment foils. It is commonly used for high-speed printing processes.
Screen Printing:
Process: Screen printing involves pushing ink through a stencil onto a substrate. It can be used with special inks, including those containing pigments or metallic particles.
Compatibility: Screen printing allows for the use of various types of inks, including those compatible with pigment foils.
Offset Printing:
Process: Offset printing involves transferring an image from a plate to a rubber blanket and then onto the printing surface. Specialized inks and coatings can be applied to achieve different effects, including the use of foils.
Compatibility: Certain offset printing processes can be adapted to include foil applications, although it may not be as common as with other techniques.
Digital Printing:
Process: Digital printing involves directly applying ink onto the substrate. Some digital printing technologies allow for the use of specialty inks and foils.
Compatibility: Certain digital printing systems are equipped to handle foil applications, including pigment foils, providing flexibility and customization.
When working with pigment foils or any specialty foils, it's important to consult with your printer or supplier to ensure compatibility with the specific printing technique you plan to use. The availability of technologies and techniques may have evolved since my last update, so it's advisable to check for the latest information in the printing industry.