Introduction Of Pearl Foil

Author:admin   Date:2022-10-09

  Pearl foil is translucent with a pearlescent finish. The foil contains pearlescent material to create

  Pearl foil effect and tint are added to the pearl effect to impart color. Where packaging and differentiation matter most, foil adds a degree of exclusivity and increases brand awareness. Using Pearl foil has also been shown to increase product value and increase sales.

  These translucent foils feature prominently in greeting card applications. Because it:

  Easy to apply - provides excellent embossing on uncoated natural paper;

  Low temperature, easy release – suitable for medium to large coverage applications;

  Uniformity - They are mass-produced to standard specifications under strict quality control.

  Successful decorative applications: highlight artistically rendered greeting cards; enhance the image and value of wine labels, cosmetic and other product packaging, and promotional materials; create an appealing fantasy on a book cover.

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