Manufacturing Method Of Holographic Foil

Author:admin   Date:2022-09-30

  Holographic foils are made in the same way as metal foils but include an embossed pattern that diffracts light and displays the colors of the spectrum at different angles. It is made through a special technique that involves embossing the foil by using a laser. Thanks to the principle of optical interference, these images can give the illusion of being three-dimensional, even though they are two-dimensional.

  It is the ideal solution for packaging decoration, especially in the cosmetic sector, for paper processing and labeling. Holographic foil printing increases the exclusivity and quality of the packaging and thus increases the product and brand awareness. Furthermore, its attractive aesthetic attracts observers to approach and touch the packaging, especially when the foil exhibits a tactile effect.

  A range of holographic foils was selected for their excellent application properties and impressive effects. Often used to add unique, unique finishes, it is also commonly used in security applications to verify and protect product integrity. Produced in a similar way to traditional hot stamping foils, holographic foils feature an embossed pattern within the foil layer that refracts light at different angles. Presents an impressive color spectrum. We chose these foils for their excellent performance in fine and robust stamped designs with good heat, abrasion, and scratch resistance.