One Of The Types Of Plastic Foil - Glossy Paper

Author:admin   Date:2022-08-05

   Glossy paper is a type of Plastic Foil, which refers to any coated paper designed to have an ultra-smooth to glossy appearance. Applications include brochures, advertisements, flyers, photo printing and other presentation documents.
         Glossy Photo Paper is a high-quality resin-coated photo paper with a glossy finish. It has instant drying properties for immediate use without smudging. It is designed to provide images with high color density, optimal color gradation, and perfect image clarity, but different types are used in different Scenes.
         Glossy paper is brighter - this makes the colors in the image "stand out" on the paper, and when printing we find that glossy paper is much thinner than matte paper, despite their weight being the same. For example: if you print a brochure on matte and glossy paper, they will weigh the same on the scale. However, glossy booklets are denser and thinner, and the glossy finish enhances the colors in the photo, creating a more vivid image.
          Glossy paper is suitable for prints with heavy color coverage, especially photos and large graphics. This effect also makes the colors on photo prints appear to have higher contrast.