Precautions For Heat Transfer Foil

Author:admin   Date:2022-11-25

  Heat transfer foil is a heat transfer material for the garment decoration industry. They are perfect for adding a real metallic element to your designs! If you're not familiar with the name heat transfer foils, you probably know these as screen printing foils or even hot stamping foils. These products go by various names; however, they are all the same. It is important to note that heat-transfer foil is not heat-transfer vinyl. Heat transfer foil is not designed to be cut in a vinyl cutter/plotter, nor does it require weeding. They also do not contain adhesives. In this case, a separate adhesive material must first be applied for further application of the heat transfer foil.

  Because sublimation foil is not sublimation vinyl, the application process is different between the two. Below, we break down the dos and don'ts when applying heat transfer foils:

  1) Heat transfer foils are designed for short-term use/wear. Apply them to objects that won't be cleaned very often. These items include bags, graduation hats, and even pillows!

  2) Use an adhesive specially designed for heat transfer foils. You can also use 1-color screen-printed transfers or no-cut transfers with black ink instead of adhesive. Adhesive (sometimes called foil receiver film) is a clear-like material that works similarly to heat transfer vinyl. You use a vinyl cutter/plotter to reverse cut your design (lining side down), remove excess material, then apply it (lining side up) using an iron or heat press. Depending on the adhesive you are using, a hot or cold release liner may be required.