Printing method of Foil for Textile

Author:admin   Date:2022-09-16

  Hot stamping printing is to use of hot stamping to print some patterns on the fabric to achieve a shiny effect. There are two foil printing methods. In the first method, the pattern is printed on the fabric with foil/transfer adhesive and then pressed to the foil by hot steel rolls. The pressure on the printing section is typically 5-6 bar and the pressure on the fuser is 190 degrees Celsius for 8-12 seconds.

  In foil printing, the quality of the adhesive is very important. Usually consists of acrylic copolymer and water as diluent. The less expensive quality showed very poor stretch, lost softness and smoothness after five washes, and looked very different from the original print. The foil should not stick to the cured ink under pressure. Matting agents are usually added to avoid blocking.

  In the second method, the foil is first printed and then the foil is pressed against the fabric with a hot steel roller or iron. The foil is called a bronzing foil. Not actually paper, but a removable foil on a plastic base. Typically 15 microns thick PET film with a width of 640 or 1500mm.

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