Purpose Of Paper Foil

Author:admin   Date:2022-11-04

  Paper foils are based on cellulose paper impregnated with aminoplast resins and are available in solid colors, wood grain, and fantasy designs to enhance the surface of substrates such as engineered particleboard and MDF.

  Paper foils are used in applications such as doors, kitchen, and office furniture. Today's increased environmental awareness requires new ethical and sustainable concepts. Our paper-based facing foils offer the best solution for this zeitgeist. They save wood resources, produce environmentally friendly, and provide an excellent durable finish to your products.

  PU foil is an improved decorative paper for furniture boards and some panel frames, especially for MDF/Particleboard/Plywood/Baseboard/Wireframe.

  Good scratch resistance allows PU foil to be used as floor decoration; as a qualified furniture decoration paper, dirt resistance is an important feature, especially for kitchen furniture and other cabinet decoration paper; PU decorative contact paper is a finished paper with a surface PU coating with multiple environmental resistances, no repainting required.