What is Heat Transfer Foil

Author:admin   Date:2022-09-02

  Heat Transfer Foil creates a stylish metallic finish on any garment or promotional item that is pre-printed with heat transfer adhesive for small batches, or heat transfer or silk for larger batches Screen printed designs and available in many different finishes.

  After printing the intended design using thermal transfer adhesives (for small batches) or plastisol thermal transfer or screen printing designs (for large batches), the foil is placed on the printed area, heated, and then removed to reveal the foil finish, which is retail quality and meets industry standard wash tests.

  Its features:

  Suitable temperature: 80˚С ~145˚С

  Once it's transferred to white/light-colored fabric, it doesn't leave any windows - it just transfers the toner. Whether you use 100% cotton, DriFit/polyester or a 50/50 blend, you can get vibrant colors and whites.

  Care after use is also important:

  For best results, wash clothes from the inside out; machine washes up to 40°C; wash with mild detergent; do not tumble dry; do not dry clean; do not use bleach; do not direct iron transfer.