What Is Plastic Film

Author:admin   Date:2022-12-23

  We often focus on issues related to plastic bag recycling, but one important type of plastic is often overlooked: plastic film and wrapping paper. Plastic film recycling is a soft plastic similar to plastic grocery bags. Often excluding this material when talking about plastic bag recycling can leave out the vast amount of viable recyclable material that can be used to create new packaging.

  Plastic film, plastic overwrap, and other flexible plastic packaging are often used as alternative packaging options for products not packaged in cardboard. Usually the outer packaging is used as packaging for paper towels, toilet paper, dry cleaning bags, etc.

  The plastic film is made of polyethylene (PE) plastic. This type of plastic is usually labeled #2 HDPE or #4 LDPE in recycling cycles. This doesn't mean that all #2 and #4 plastic falls into this category, just that if it's #2 or #4 and it's flexible, it can be recycled with plastic grocery bags.

  To be more specific about what is "elastic", we want to be clear that if you can pull and stretch it by hand, it is probably a plastic film. If it tears or makes a crunching sound, it is not an acceptable type of plastic film for plastic bags.

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