What is Stamping Foil?

Author:admin   Date:2022-07-29

The three major elements of hot stamping foil are temperature, pressure and time. Hot stamping foil is a foil film with a metallic luster. It uses pressure and high temperature to heat the metal layer and color layer according to the graphics on the hot stamping plate. To the functional foil film on the printed matter, it has many layers of coating, each coating has its own function to achieve the effect of thermal transfer, the following will introduce you to the structure of hot stamping foil and how to store the foil film, if necessary To order hot stamping film, please contact our business department.

The structure of bronzing foil

◆ Carrier film: usually PET polyester film, which has the function of supporting other layers.

◆ Release layer: Also known as the peeling layer, it separates the carrier film from the coloring/aluminum layer/adhesive layer and determines the transferability.

◆ Coloring layer: Determine the color, pattern and protective layer.

◆ Electroplating layer: metal adhesion layer, the foil has the source of metallic luster because more than 90% is aluminum, so it is also called the "aluminum plating layer".

◆ Subsequent layer: thermoplastic resin, used to stick to the base material. It can be changed according to the different properties of the base material to meet the characteristics of the base material.


After the hot stamping is completed, the release layer will release the carrier film, leaving an adhesion layer.

How to properly store bronzing foil?

Bronzing foil is extremely fragile. If it is put upside down, pressed or dropped for a long time, the coating will be damaged. In addition, more than 90% of the metal layer is aluminum, which is not resistant to acid and alkali and is easily oxidized. Good, it will cause the metallic luster of the foil film to disappear. In a well-preserved condition, the bronzing foil can be stored for several years, but then the effect will gradually decrease with time, so please use it as soon as possible after purchase.

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