What is Tipping Foil

Author:admin   Date:2022-08-26

        Tipping Foil refers to a thin glass film product on the surface of automobile glass or architectural glass; mobile phone screen protection film also belongs to Tipping Foil; in the textile industry, the pattern, The process of transferring colors, etc. to the cloth, also called Tipping Foil.

  Tipping Foil", also known as self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive labels, sticky notes, pressure-sensitive paper, etc., is based on various papers, films or special printing materials as the main fabric, which can directly transfer or paste the pattern to any product. A surface treatment process in which the back is coated with various adhesives and protected with release paper and the front can be printed with various forms of graphics.

  As a decorative element with various functions such as low cost, irregular replacement and improvement of workers' subjective experience, Tipping Foil has been valued by designers in the field of industrial design, and has also been widely used in all aspects of life, and has achieved good results. Effect.