Where Is Holographic Foil Used?

Author:admin   Date:2023-01-07

  In the field of printing, holographic printing is thermally printed and obtained by means of special foils. In fact, a hologram is in all respects a foil that is heat applied to the relevant material, which can be paper or cardboard, rather than plastic.

  Holographic Foil is different from pad printing or even silk printing. It is usually absolute for a product's deep finish, as the process does not use ink, meaning it is not affected by the texture or color of the medium.

  This process is not very new and has been popular for centuries. This process is most commonly done to create cards for birthdays or even invitations. However, over time, the process became more formalized, so many innovations slowly made their way to the list.

  Where is Holographic Foil used?

  We have discussed at length that the process of hot stamping foil holograms is not new, so it involves multiple meanings. Some of the most common are:

  Widely used for certificates, it can be easily transferred to certificates and also facilitates registration.

  Great for ID cards. They are used to enhance the security factor of any ID card.

  Hot stamping foils are widely used in branding and can be found on labels, cartons, tickets and more.