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  • Precautions For Heat Transfer Foil

    Update: 25 11 22

    Precautions For Heat Transfer Foil

      Heat transfer foil is a heat transfer material for the garment decoration industry. They are perfect for adding a real metallic element to your designs! If you're not familiar with the name heat transfer foils, you probably know these as screen printing foils or even hot stamping foils. These products go by various names; however, they are all the same. It is important to note that heat-transfer foil is not heat-tr...

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  • What Is Cold Stamping Foil

    Update: 18 11 22

    What Is Cold Stamping Foil

      The wealth of decorative effects at your disposal really makes the folding carton your canvas. You can combine inks, specialty coatings, and structural designs to enhance your brand and engage consumers in all environments, retail or online. As long as people associate "shiny" with quality, bronzing will remain a popular decorative choice for companies. It's a tried and tested method dating back centuries, with inn...

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  • Introduction To Holographic Foils

    Update: 11 11 22

    Introduction To Holographic Foils

      The effects of holographic foils are extremely popular. It immediately appeals to most consumers. The reflection of the light causes a pattern, design, or image in the foil to change color. The larger a hologram, the more incidence of light and the more ' spatial' the holographic reflection. The effect of a hologram is magical and can be a great way to get noticed by consumers.   Holographic foil is not only decora...

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  • Purpose Of Paper Foil

    Update: 04 11 22

    Purpose Of Paper Foil

      Paper foils are based on cellulose paper impregnated with aminoplast resins and are available in solid colors, wood grain, and fantasy designs to enhance the surface of substrates such as engineered particleboard and MDF.   Paper foils are used in applications such as doors, kitchen, and office furniture. Today's increased environmental awareness requires new ethical and sustainable concepts. Our paper-based facing...

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  • How To Identify Different Types Of Plastics For Album Printing?

    Update: 28 10 22

    How To Identify Different Types Of Plastics For Album Printing?

      Both the laser foil and the Holographic Foil are made by laser photography. The laser box is dazzling and dynamic. As far as the printing process is concerned, it is divided into three categories: hot stamping, composite printing, and self-adhesive. Holographic foil is divided into plane holography, stereo holography, photo holography, polygonal holography, color holography, and micro-engraved holography. Anti-coun...

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  • Contrast Of Screen Printing And Hot Stamping

    Update: 21 10 22

    Contrast Of Screen Printing And Hot Stamping

      Screen printing is one of the oldest printing methods. It seems to have been used by the Phoenicians, and then widely in Japanese art and then in contemporary art: Andy Warhol's famous Marilyn diptych was indeed made with this technique.   Hot stamping or hot stamping also has a long history, with patents dating back to the early nineteenth century. Both nobles can enhance your labels with sophisticated effects: if...

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