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  • What is Heat Transfer Foil

    Update: 02 09 22

    What is Heat Transfer Foil

      Heat Transfer Foil creates a stylish metallic finish on any garment or promotional item that is pre-printed with heat transfer adhesive for small batches, or heat transfer or silk for larger batches Screen printed designs and available in many different finishes.   After printing the intended design using thermal transfer adhesives (for small batches) or plastisol thermal transfer or screen printing designs (for la...

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  • What is Tipping Foil

    Update: 26 08 22

    What is Tipping Foil

            Tipping Foil refers to a thin glass film product on the surface of automobile glass or architectural glass; mobile phone screen protection film also belongs to Tipping Foil; in the textile industry, the pattern, The process of transferring colors, etc. to the cloth, also called Tipping Foil.   Tipping Foil", also known as self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive labels, sticky notes, pressure-sensitive paper, etc....

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  • Difference between hot foil and cold foil

    Update: 19 08 22

    Difference between hot foil and cold foil

      Hot foils are opaque sheets that can be printed on paper in any shape or text you indicate in your design. Hot foil is better for text or shapes and minimal designs. This technique is the first choice for many looking for a clean, professional finish. Hot foil can be used in combination with embossing to create a tactile effect that cold foil cannot.   Cold perm is an increasingly popular technique. The technique u...

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  • Uses of paper foil

    Update: 12 08 22

    Uses of paper foil

      In our daily life, we can often see the existence of paper foil. Paper foil can withstand 100˚С~130˚С, so it will not be easily lost. They are widely used in various papers, such as cartons, greeting cards, labels, printing paper, etc. For example, during festivals, they will be applied to greeting cards or gift boxes. One type of paper foil is gold foil, which makes our greeting cards and gift boxes look good and ...

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  • One Of The Types Of Plastic Foil - Glossy Paper

    Update: 05 08 22

    One Of The Types Of Plastic Foil - Glossy Paper

       Glossy paper is a type of Plastic Foil, which refers to any coated paper designed to have an ultra-smooth to glossy appearance. Applications include brochures, advertisements, flyers, photo printing and other presentation documents.         Glossy Photo Paper is a high-quality resin-coated photo paper with a glossy finish. It has instant drying properties for immediate use without smudging. It is designed to provi...

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  • What is Stamping Foil?

    Update: 29 07 22

    What is Stamping Foil?

    The three major elements of hot stamping foil are temperature, pressure and time. Hot stamping foil is a foil film with a metallic luster. It uses pressure and high temperature to heat the metal layer and color layer according to the graphics on the hot stamping plate. To the functional foil film on the printed matter, it has many layers of coating, each coating has its own function to achieve the effect of thermal t...

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