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  • Process Of Hot Stamping Foil

    Update: 14 10 22

    Process Of Hot Stamping Foil

      Foil, bamboo curtain; sericulture utensils, mostly made of bamboo; sheet made of metal. Foil A thin sheet of usually pure metal (such as silver or gold foil).   With the rapid development of hot stamping foil and the packaging industry, the application of anodized aluminum hot stamping is more and more extensive. Such as bronzing of book covers, bronzing of gift boxes, bronzing of trademarks and boxes of cigarettes...

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  • Introduction Of Pearl Foil

    Update: 09 10 22

    Introduction Of Pearl Foil

      Pearl foil is translucent with a pearlescent finish. The foil contains pearlescent material to create   Pearl foil effect and tint are added to the pearl effect to impart color. Where packaging and differentiation matter most, foil adds a degree of exclusivity and increases brand awareness. Using Pearl foil has also been shown to increase product value and increase sales.   These translucent foils feature prominent...

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  • Manufacturing Method Of Holographic Foil

    Update: 30 09 22

    Manufacturing Method Of Holographic Foil

      Holographic foils are made in the same way as metal foils but include an embossed pattern that diffracts light and displays the colors of the spectrum at different angles. It is made through a special technique that involves embossing the foil by using a laser. Thanks to the principle of optical interference, these images can give the illusion of being three-dimensional, even though they are two-dimensional.   It i...

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  • Bringing You The Holographic Foil

    Update: 23 09 22

    Bringing You The Holographic Foil

      Today, we want to take you on an inspiring journey into the future of packaging decoration. This original and captivating "rainbow" printing technique creates a futuristic effect that represents an opportunity to capture the zeitgeist and keep up with the times.   In the field of printing, holographic printing is performed thermally and obtained with special foils. In fact, holographic paper is in all respects a fo...

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  • Printing method of Foil for Textile

    Update: 16 09 22

    Printing method of Foil for Textile

      Hot stamping printing is to use of hot stamping to print some patterns on the fabric to achieve a shiny effect. There are two foil printing methods. In the first method, the pattern is printed on the fabric with foil/transfer adhesive and then pressed to the foil by hot steel rolls. The pressure on the printing section is typically 5-6 bar and the pressure on the fuser is 190 degrees Celsius for 8-12 seconds.   In ...

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  • What is hot stamped leather

    Update: 09 09 22

    What is hot stamped leather

      Recently we have seen a huge increase in the popularity of hot stamping leather materials, you can hot stamp the leather with metallic or colored foils, or use a stamp to stamp (push in) the material to just create indents for the design, e.g. Company logo. To start the process, you will first need a machine capable of punching leather, and if you want to add foil to it, you will need a machine with a heating plate...

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